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GPE 24


Please complete the Sustainability Spotlight Graphics Materials Questionnaire below
Does the product contribute to the circular economy?
Does the product offer more efficient use of resources?
Does the manufacturing or processing reduce energy consumption?
Natural environment:
The impact of the material on the natural environment, including raw material sourcing, manufacturing the item, working with it to produce finished items, the item or goods made using the item in use or at end of life.
Social benefits:

Active (i.e. implemented and evidenced) policies around the treatment of workers, and supply chain, including:

Principles to be followed in making sustainability statements:

For transparency, the principles from the UK Guidance for businesses on making environmental claims are to be followed:

  • Claims must be truthful and accurate
  • Claims must be clear and unambiguous
  • Claims must not omit or hide important relevant information
  • Comparisons must be fair and meaningful
  • Claims must consider the full life cycle of the product or service
Claims must be substantiated

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