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GPE 24


Personalise Make Wear Smart Factory Experience

Discover the Future of On-Demand, Personalised,
and Sustainable Production at the Personalisation Experience

The Personalise Make Wear (PMW) smart factory experience at Personalisation Experience is a cutting-edge showcase of on-demand, personalised, and sustainable sportswear manufacturing. It provides a comprehensive look into the future of sportswear production, featuring the latest in smart production technologies, sustainable materials, and waste-minimising practices.

This experience highlights the potential of technology and sustainability to transform the traditional sportswear manufacturing process, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry.

Live Catwalk Shows
PMW showcases the seamless blend of technology and fashion with daily catwalk shows. Witness the convergence of innovative design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, as the products created during the live tours come to life on the runway.

Exclusive Expert-Guided Tours
Take an insider’s look at the revolutionary microfactory concept with our expert-guided tours. Offered throughout the event, these tours provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the full production process of custom wearables, from design inception to the final product.

Insightful Panel Discussions
Chaired by the esteemed Debbie McKeegan, FESPA Textile Ambassador, our panel discussions feature industry luminaries who delve into the critical aspects of smart manufacturing. Spanning four days, each session is tailored to illuminate the path of personalised fashion.
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What We'll Create Together!

With creative direction from FESPA’s Textile Ambassador Debbie Mckeegan and the stunning designs created by the renown, award winning illustrator Jasper Goodall, we're bringing to life a vibrant array of garments featuring fluorescent prints, organic textures, aquatic themes, and sustainable motifs. From sports tops and leggings to vests for both men and women, each piece is crafted on our cutting-edge roll-to-roll line, ready to be further personalised with direct-to-garment printing and embroidery. Plus, we're expanding our customisation magic to hats and water bottles, making every item unique.

Technologies To Explore

  • Roll-to-roll textile (treat, dry, print, cut, sew) – activewear vests, leggings, shorts, jackets​
  • Direct to garment (hoodies, shirts)​
  • Folding/packing/labelling​
  • Embroidery (headwear, gym towels, garments)​
  • Heat transfer printing (headwear/bottles/more)​
  • Rolls of textiles, blank garments, headwear and bottles


Personalise Make Wear Timetable

Here's what you can expect every day from the Personalise Make Wear smart factory experience

Personalise Make Wear Smart Factory Experience Timetable

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