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NEW for 2023, the co-located Personalisation Experience will bring together 3,500 stakeholders from retailers, brands, agencies to printers and fulfilment houses, connecting them with software providers and OEMs to explore the potential of personalisation in sportswear, packaging, product, loyalty and custom interiors. Four one-day conferences, plus an application showcase incorporating Printeriors, will bring this core topic to life.

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  • Connect disparate value-chain stakeholders, highlighting the benefits of personalisation and the challenges and solutions by sharing learning from each stakeholder group. 

  • Stimulate confidence in the feasibility of personalisation as an approach to increasing customer loyalty, conversions and margins. 

  • Demonstrate the current and near-future possibilities for personalised products and packaging - showcasing the technologies that enable it. 

Key Categories/Application Areas:

  • Sportswear

  • Packaging - both flexible and rigid

  • Label

  • Interiors - soft furnishings (bedsets, curtains, rugs, upholstery, cushions etc) and rigid surfaces (glass, wood, Perspex, ceramics etc) tabletops, splashbacks, artwork

  • Loyalty - loyalty programmes, and how to do them right

Personalisation Experience 2023

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