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31 May – 3 June 2022

Profit for Purpose


What is profit-for-purpose?

In the traditional view, we have two different types of business models, the “money-making” ones and the charities. Nowadays, we have a new business model called profit for purpose. Profit is still important, but there are also valuable pursuits of the corporation. The purpose driven companies are considering all their stakeholders including employee, customers and the community—not just their shareholders. It is led by a mission to achieve social, community and or environmental benefit through reinvesting a portion of their profit towards their mission.

Why FESPA do it?

An independent Federation of European Screen Printing Associations was taken to be form in the Convention in Copenhagen in 1961 organized by the Danish Association, attracted over 300 delegates. Not only were all the West European countries represented, but also from outside Europe, the USA, Canada and Argentina.

The following extract from the Bjarne Dahl, President of the Danish Screen-printing Association, clearly show the importance of this Convention from which FESPA was born. “Nevertheless we owe our suppliers a great deal and the impressive exhibition which is being held here and also our technical meetings, prove that our suppliers believe in the great and growing future of screen-printing. Due to the great increase in travel since the last war, screen printers from around the world have been making personal contacts and exchanging experience and ideas. Today in Copenhagen is a great meeting opportunity for us all at this Fifth European SPPA Convention."

When the FESPA established in 1962, the objectives of the Federation were described as the 'sharing of knowledge of screen-printing, the establishment of close cooperation between screen-printers and suppliers and promotion of screen-printing in Europe' These have remained unchanged to the present day. Since its inception 60 years ago, FESPA has continued to grow and expand for the same mission.

How we invest in the industry?

FESPA’s Profit for Purpose initiative is an international reinvestment programme that uses revenue from FESPA events to support the global speciality print community to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

The reinvestment is channelled into four key areas:

  • to help print businesses to diversify, grow and prosper
  • to share knowledge and market intelligence
  • to promote best practice and spark inspiration
  • to create valuable networking opportunities

Since 2005, the Profit for Purpose programme has continually delivered a range of high-quality products and services for printers worldwide. These include:

  • independent market research
  • conferences, seminars and webinars
  • international summits
  • regional and national congresses
  • educational guides
  • technical support and training content
  • international print award programme
  • event features
  • exclusive content and articles in 36 languages

Profit for Purpose also actively supports projects in developing markets, such as training schools, educational roadshows and community support initiatives.

Profit for Purpose initiatives are delivered in conjunction with FESPA’s 37 global Associations, who submit applications to the programme for their members’ benefit. Each request is submitted to a Profit for Purpose committee, which ensures that the reinvestment programme delivers fairly across the Association network.

Some Profit for Purpose activities are delivered centrally, with the support of the Associations.

Examples include:

  • the yearly FESPA Global Summit, which brings leading printers together to share knowledge and inspiration
  • the annual FESPA Awards, which celebrates and shares best practice in all areas of speciality print
  • the FESPA Print Census research project, which surveys the global speciality print community to identify trends and share insights
  • business development initiatives such as the Print Make Wear fast fashion factory, Colour L*A*B* colour management showcase and the Printeriors  interior décor feature.

Global Summit

Caption: The first virtual FESPA Global Summit took place in January 2021, hosting 170 delegates from 35 countries.


How being a visitor and exhibitor contributes to that?

FESPA exists to help print – and print businesses – to succeed and grow. All revenues generated by FESPA are actively used for the immediate benefit of the speciality print community.

Whenever someone exhibits or sponsors a FESPA event or feature, or attends a FESPA event anywhere in the world, they are contributing to our Profit for Purpose programme.

By doing so, they’re helping us, as an organisation, to develop and sustain a community of printers who are educated, informed and well equipped for a positive and profitable future.

By investing with FESPA, printers are helping to grow a successful and receptive audience for their products and services.

Some Profit for Purpose initiatives are open to any printer, but only FESPA members have access to the full range of benefits. Visit: www.fespa.com/become-a-member to find out more.

Fespa Award

Caption: FESPA Awards display at FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich 2019

FESPA Tech Guides

Caption: The full range of updated FESPA Tech Guides are now available to all FESPA Members.


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