Workflow: Automation Saving Money


Workflow: Automation Saving Money

24 Mar 2020

The True Cost of Your Workflow and How to Fix It

You may think of your workflow as starting from point A and going to point Z, but the reality is that workflows are never straightforward. Organic growth leads to new equipment and new software, but the old workflow processes are rarely reviewed or improved. At the same time, operating procedures are rarely documented, trained upon, and enforced, leaving employees to create shortcuts. The employee shortcuts usually result in isolated process loops that may move the work one step forward but two also steps back.

Come discover the true costs of common workflow tasks along with ways to identify and eliminate the most offensive workflow bottlenecks.

Participants will learn:

  • The true costs of common workflow tasks
  • Uncover the critical workflow challenges and how to fix them

Current software trends specific to the sign and graphics industry

Ryan McAbee, Director of Production Workflow, Keypoint Intelligence
Ryan McAbee, Director of Production Workflow - Keypoint Intelligence