Personalized Photoproducts - Where Emotion Comes Alive


Personalized Photoproducts - Where Emotion Comes Alive

26 Mar 2020

* Understand the market – why people love books?

The personalized photo products market is built on emotions. Learn how to use them, discover market potential and upcoming trends.

* Evaluate your potential - are you able to serve the market?

Match the market potential with your capacities and learn how to use collaboration to grow your portfolio.

* Let's do it! How to design an ideal complex solution?

Tips on how to plan and arrange integration & synergy, production workflow, customer service, and marketing.

* Final touch - how to choose a platform?

Smart solutions & user experience - how to assess existing solutions and choose the perfect fit for your clients.

* Printbox – how can we help you?

Zsolt Racz, Senior VP of International Business Development - Printbox