Digital Printing in Decorative Applications (Wallcoverings and Surface Printing)


Digital Printing in Decorative Applications (Wallcoverings and Surface Printing)

24 Mar 2020

Advancements in digital printing for decor paper, as well as direct surface printing have brought many improvements to the supply chain, productivity, and customization required to meet expanding customer demand for both short-run, small batch work and long-run production.


The products produced in this segment are the staple of the woodworking and decor industries because they provide a cost-effective alternative to natural surfaces and in many cases provide a superior and more durable surface for applications from retail displays to architectural elements. Achieving quality decor print layers relied on traditional printing technologies to enabled high-volume manufacturing a low cost per unit. That is changing. Advancements in inkjet printing now enables decorative printing of a varied range of surfaces. With the complementary advancements in material science and digital processing, these technologies are now emerging as solutions that enhance productivity and creativity in industrial applications such as flooring, laminating, and wall decoration.


In this session you will hear about:


  • Key trends and directions
    Companies and products drive the market
  • Roles of packaging and displays & prospects for each
  • Multi-pass and single-pass innovations

Challenges that inkjet still must overcome

Ron Gilboa, Group Director, Keypoint Intelligence
Ron Gilboa , Group Director - Keypoint Intelligence