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31 May – 3 June 2022



Martin Kingdon

Martin Kingdon

Chair and sustainability director, POPAI UK
Martin has been responsible for the oversight of POPAI and the in-store display industry in the UK and Ireland since 2000. He has been responsible for sustainability since 2019 and has defined POPAI''s offer including setting up the Sustainability council representing all sectors of the industry, the POPAI Sustainability Standard for corporate accreditation and the Sustain? eco-design indicator tool now widely used in the UK and overseas. He has spoken extensively around the world on many aspects of the display market, sustainability and shopper insight.

Company Description

About Digital Dots Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research company established in 1999. The company provides exclusive market research, testing and evaluation services for prepress and publishing applications. Digital Dots is a founder of the Verdigris environmental initiative designed to raise knowledge and awareness levels within the printing industry.


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