Marco Olivotto

Marco Olivotto

Marco Olivotto

Owner, Marco Olivotto & C.

Marco Olivotto

Curriculum Vitae 2014


          Dan Margulis, who invented color correction in Photoshop, publicly called him “a renaissance man” because of his eclecticism.


          After classical studies he gets a degree in Physics and works for two years as system manager at the University of Trento in the Dept. of Sciences' Computer Centre of the. He then works in the field of music production for almost twenty years until he gets to the field of imaging, a passion he's had since he was a child.


          In 2007 he discovers Dan Margulis' books on color correction and starts studying with him. He attends both the ACT (Applied Color Theory) and AACT (Advanced Applied Color Theory) classes and finally enters the retouch and post-production fields professionally.


          He's always been into teaching (computer science, recording techniques, programming languages) in private and public schools. In 2011 he decides to spread the word about color correction techniques in Photoshop, still relatively unknown in Italy.


          He records eight video-courses for Teacher-in-a-Box, and ten seminars on color correction which currently represent the most organic and global resource on the subject available in Italian.


          In March 2011 he organises the first Color Correction Campus in Pescara, a full-immersion two-day course which makes the students work on the images applying the techniques taught in the class.


          The Campus is repeated many times and soon a community of students and followers is born: it counts 1200 subscribers (January 2014), all very active in sharing techniques, suggestions and information. The two-day courses are joined by one-day workshops, in independent organizations and in large fairs (Photoshop 2012, 2013), Grafitalia (2013). He participates in the Teachers-on-the-Road tour organized by Teacher-in-a-Box.


          Since 2013 he's been writing for the magazine Fotografia Reflex which hosts a monthly space about color correction. This is currently the only resource on the subject with a fixed cadence in Italy.


          In his spare time he loves traveling, taking photographs, staying with friends away from the crowd, and he prefers a book to television. When they call him an expert in digital color he thinks that he'll never be able to reproduce the dark and deep light in his son's eyes.


          He lives in Nogaredo, in the hills near Rovereto, where he was born on January 27th, 1965.








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