Textile Screen Printing Inks

28 Feb 2020

Textile Screen Printing Inks

Tiflex Hall: 1 Stand: 1-A41


  • Composition: The Himalaya serie is formulated PHTHALATE FREE, HEAVEY METAL SALTS FREE and AZOÎC DYES FREE and complies with the norm EN 71-3
  • Appearance: satin finish
  • Touch: soft
  • Surface yield with mesh 62th.cm: 25 sqm/L
  • Washing resistance: very good
  • Tests performed at 40°C, 60°C and 90°C. Results avaible on request
  • Ironing: on the reverse side
  • Shelf life: refer to the label


  • Meshes:
  • Mesh 36 th.cm to screen print liquid adhesives (transfer printing) and low bleed underlayer
  • Mesh 62 th.cm to screen print white under-layers
  • From mesh 43 th.cm to mesh 90 th.cm to screen print colours and top whites
  • From mesh 90 th.cm to mesh 120 th.cm to screen print CMYK shades
  • Diluents and cleaning solvents:
    – Solvents: 2881, 2891, 2899, NS91.

Direct printing

Fast –flash curing from 2 to 3 sec.
After flash-curing the surface of the fabric will not be so sensitive to the temperature therefore pulling a second later will not be necessary.
Attention: To avoid weak curing of white inks, settle the flash time and flash power correctly.
Printing wet on wet: Ink can be printed wet on wet when the pallets are warm.

Transfer printing

Substrates: Paper (ref. 2543100) or polyester mat (ref. 2543600).
Drying of the substrates: 1 min at 100 – 110°C.
Pressing: 15 sec from 160 – 170°C. Parameters may vary according to the fabrics and the material used.
Preliminary tests are recommended.

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