Sub Frames for Printed Panels

20 Apr 2020

Sub Frames for Printed Panels

Lion Picture Framing Supplies Hall: 5 Stand: 5-E79
  • Sub Frames for Printed Panels
  • Sub Frames for Printed Panels
Sub Frames for Printed Panels Sub Frames for Printed Panels

What does a Sub Frame do?

  • Floats a printed panel away from the wall
  • Provides a way to hang the panel on the wall
  • Gives the panel substance and rigidity

How does it work?

  1. Order in lengths – to cut on your own saw OR Order on Chop Service – give us the aluminium sizes and we’ll cut for you. Subtract 54mm from each dimension of the outside size of the Sub Frame you need, or ask us for a Measuring Guide.
  2. Apply Heavy Duty Bonding Tape unless using SUB15 with bonding tape pre-applied.
  3. Push in corners to make up the frame.
  4. Clean all contact surface with solvent wipe.
  5. Remove release liner from tape, locate, press down firmly, leave to cure at room temperature.
  6. Slot CWH3 hangers into the profile, or use T-Screws for secure fixing.

Choose from two profile depths:

  • SUB15 floats the panel 15mm from the wall. With bonding tape pre-applied it is ideal for smaller panels and thinner substrates. Or, apply Heavy Duty Bonding Tape to the un-taped version for larger panels and thicker substrates.
  • SUB25 floats the panel 25mm from the wall. It is fixed with Heavy Duty Bonding Tape, making it suitable for most panel sizes and substrates.
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