etalbond® d3

06 Apr 2020

etalbond® d3

Elval Colour S.A. Hall: 7 Stand: 7-E18

Material Properties

• Extremely flat surface. • Lightweight with high stiffness and excellent dimensional stability. • Ideal for large format applications (installations), using well-known processing techniques (width 1000-2000mm). • Easy to fabricate (bending/folding, only d3), simple to process with conventional machines for plastic and wooden fabrications. • Operational working temperature ranging from -50°C to +80°C. • Environment friendly – no pollution is caused. • Available in a variety of sizes and colours.

etalbond®d3 is the highest positioned product:
• Very strict thickness tolerances per sheet (± 0,05mm) which allow perfect digital printing result
• Up to 10 years warranty due to its highly resistant outdoor usage: UV-resistant, excellent corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, lower thermal expansion than plastics
• Has a highly linked polyester coating designed for digital printing
and outside shop and pylon claddings
• Able to utilize the rout and return technique 
• Available also with a fire retardant core
• Available also in 6mm thickness
• Available in many different surfaces (butler finish, colours etc.)

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