Eco Solvent Printer YF-2004E

06 Apr 2020

Eco Solvent Printer YF-2004E

Dongguan Yifang [FORTUNE] Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Why buy?

  1. As the market changes, the production capacity per unit of time determines the customer's income, because the four-head machine of FORTUNE can print 60-80 square meters per hour per hour, which can satisfy your desire for speed!
  2. Ultra-luxury configuration of the machine: platform, guide rail beam, platform support, main beam of the rack, all adopt aluminium design! 
  3. The X-axis adopts double imported guide rails to hold the nozzle holder firmly, and the machine accuracy is guaranteed for a long time during processing!
  4. The pressure roller pinch adopts multi-point contact, and the segmented pressure roller increases the area and point of contact between the pinch roller and the material, so that the stepping is more accurate, and the problems of slipping and losing stepping of materials such as water-based lamps sheet, etc. Reduce material waste! Saving money and time is making money!
  5. The machine is equipped with anti-collision system, and immediately stops when it is in danger, protecting your sprinkler head.
  6. Materials exploration, so that you can rest assured to set an alarm clock to sleep at night! Because the machine will stop printing when the paper is gone, automatic ink stack protection after flashing back to the origin!
  7. The new ink-absorbing stack, the rubber is resistant to corrosion, and the base metal is not deformed! Don't sigh every morning to waste ink! Hit at boot!
  8. The heating temperature adjustment, and the size of the suction air is all integrated on a control board, even if the main power switch is open! Keep people safe!
  9. High-power drying system, integrated fan structure, hot and cold and hot three-stage blower!
  10. Using a dual-motor super-high-power paper take-up device, put in and taken out all behind machine to increase the take-up distance. The materials are neatly rolled up, and the taste spreads quickly!

Please email luya@yfdigital.com for more information.

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