How to Avoid Sublimation Ghosting When Digital Printing?

15 Nov 2019

How to Avoid Sublimation Ghosting When Digital Printing?

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What is sublimation ghosting? For instance, if you wish to print an image with two characters in it. You carefully print the image ontotransfer paper attaching it to the picture frame. After that, you need to press the frame for some given amount of time. On taking the frame out of the heat press, you need to lift the paper so as to show the sublimated surface, but unfortunately the paper fells on the sublimated surface. On moving the paper again, what you get to see is a shadow left behind the text. This is called as Ghosting in Sublimation. A little shift in the transfer paper despite the panel being very hot from the heat press results into a duplicate termed as ghost image left behind the original image. Ghosting can ruin the work completely and specifically when the text is dark on white background.

How to avoid sublimation ghosting?

One of the easiest ways to prevent ghosting is to make sure that the transfer paper remains intact and does move at all when you tap your panel to it. Despite tapping the paper to the panel, ghosting can take place when the air pressure develops under the transfer paper. Once the panel is removed from heat press, the transfer paper taped is supposed to be left as it is and wait for the panel to cool down. Once it cools down, the risk is reduced and the transfer paper is now safe to be removed. Giving sufficient time to the panel to cool down will avoid the duplicate image to be created.


There are some people who do the process a little differently. They separate the transfer paper as soon as they remove the panel from the heat press. In this case, it is important to be very cautious and also to remove the transfer paper vertically from the panel. Dragging it along the hot sublimated surface can ruin your work. Instead of pulling the transfer at once along with some fluid motion is sure to keep the panel ghost free. Give panel some time to cool down and then remove the paper quickly at one fluid motion. This will help you bring out a great product.

Hope these tips can help you deal with sublimation printing ghosting problems. Our company offer sublimation paper, ink, inkjet printer and other accessories. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact me, thanks.

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