FOREVER Laser-Dark (No-Cut) Lite

15 Apr 2020

FOREVER Laser-Dark (No-Cut) Lite

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FOREVER Laser-Dark (No-Cut) Lite
B-Paper Lite opens up completely new possibilities for printing on merchandising articles
Take it Lite with the new B-Paper from FOREVER

The transfer time for A/B is now 33 percent faster than conventional Laser-Dark (No-Cut), while the pressing time on the substrate has been cut to just 1 to 5 seconds. The results produce intense colours and bright whites. Compared to the standard B-Paper LowTemp, B-Paper Lite has an even thinner coating, which has a positive effect on the price and simplifies the transfer process. In addition, "bleeding" of the edges on hard surfaces is no longer an issue. For the A/B transfer process, you should continue to use our regular A-Foil Finishing.

Further advantages

  • Selfweeding 2-paper-system
  • Suitable for CMYK & CMYW printers
  • Pressing time for A/B is only 45-60 seconds (150°C/302°F). 33% faster
  • Smoother separation of A/B
  • Transfer temperature to the substrate range from 100-150°C/212-305°F
  • Approx. 15% lower sales price compared to our standard B-Paper LowTemp
  • No bleeding of the edges on hard surfaces
  • Finishing with hot stamping foils

Further information: https://www.forever-ots.com/product/laser-dark-no-cut-lite/

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