19 Mar 2019


Sarah Farrell, Head of Marketing, FESPA

Technology innovation, enhanced automation, improved sustainability, expanded applications, new markets… these are just a few of the many opportunities that are within the reach of the businesses that make up our global FESPA community.  The campaign strapline for this year’s FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich – Explosion of Possibilities – celebrates the enormous scope for growth, development and diversification that the wide format and signage industry has within its grasp.

The insights we gathered from our 2018 FESPA Census, from previous FESPA events and from the discussions at our recent Global Summit event, show clearly that the print community is continually looking at new openings and ways to drive business forward, whether with new applications or by exploring untapped markets.


It seems that the potential for print service providers (PSPs) to evolve and expand their horizons never diminishes. Developments in digital production technology continue to increase productivity, output quality and creative scope, allowing PSPs to consider an even greater breadth of print applications. One recurring theme at the Global Summit was the increase in customer demand for short runs, a trend which was also highlighted by 61% of respondents to the last FESPA Print Census. Linked to this, the requirement for more customised and individualised products is also a significant talking point.


It’s not just about customers wanting something different, but also about being able to replicate designs across multiple products, for example wallpaper, table tops and textiles. Developments in digital print, inks and substrates have made this possible and we’re now seeing PSPs print on a dizzying range of different materials. This diversity is stimulating a sustained increase in printed décor applications, opening profitable new doors for PSPs with the right capabilities.


Printeriors 2019, our indoor/outdoor showcase of printed décor applications at FESPA Global Print Expo will show clearly how PSPs can take one image or design and reproduce it across a number of applications, such as soft furnishings, flooring, wallpaper, window graphics and even deckchairs and parasols.


Sustainability is another growing priority for PSPs, mainly due to heightened customer demand for more environmentally conscious print solutions. In our Census, 76% of respondents stated that customer appetite for environmentally responsible products is shaping business strategy, with more than one in five affirming that it is a major influence. These views were echoed at the Global Summit, with several delegates stressing the importance of using eco-friendly materials and inks. This year at FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 we’re reflecting this ourselves, placing a greater focus on sustainability by using water-based technology and sustainably sourced substrates for the garments and applications that we’ll produce during our Print Make Wear and Printeriors features.


It was exhilarating to hear delegates at the Global Summit talk so animatedly about the possibilities and trends they are seeing for their own businesses, and to know that many of these are reflected in features we have incorporated into this year’s FESPA event in Munich. ’Explosion of Possibilities’ reminds us, our exhibitors and our visitors why the world of speciality print is so stimulating to be part of. Never static, print and visual communications is in a state of continuous technological, commercial and creative evolution. Part of FESPA’s mission is to support PSPs and signmakers to embrace this change, disrupt their status quo and capitalise on all available chances to future-proof their business.


So join us at FESPA Global Print Expo 2019, and be ready to explore the spectrum of possibilities that exist to grow and even reinvent your business. To register to visit FESPA Global Print Expo click here and use code FESM914. Entry is free if you register before midnight on Monday 13th May 2019.

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FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 in Munich is Europe’s largest exhibition for screen and digital wide format print, textile printing and signage. Over 4 days visitors have the opportunity to experience the latest products and innovations on display from over 700 exhibitors.