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Juki has been a pioneer in sewing machine technology for 80 years and we supply more than 170 nations with sewing equipment and related products. The Juki Corporation headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, with subsidiaries worldwide assisting in its sales, logistics and technical functions. With an established logistic networks we have the ability to supply the world with the best quality machinery and devices.

Juki’s strengths are leveraged through an extensive distributor network that has been established over the years, offering the shared knowledge and expertise of industry leading professionals in the sewing sector.

Juki offers an extensive line of industrial sewing machines for the apparel industry - ranging from Lockstitch, Overlock and Coverstitch machines, to electronic bartackers and automated sewing systems. Our machines have also become renowned in the non-apparel sector, supplying such industries as automotive, upholstery, marine, industrial fabrics, footwear, leather products and home textiles.

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For more than 20 years, ColorGATEs software, color and service competence has been driving the digitalization of the printing industry. The company offers a broad range of proofing and color management solutions for graphic arts and large format printing, but it is also growing strongly in the growing industrial printing market. ColorGATE offers digital expertise and solutions for printing system manufacturers, as well as print service providers and technology users in décor, ceramics, textile and packaging printing.

ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH is managed by co-founder Thomas Kirschner as CEO since 1997 and is an independent subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd. since 2018.


Summa is a manufacturer of innovative cutting equipment that helps businesses to finish their applications to the highest standards. The Summa L1810 laser cutter is part of the Print Make Wear and demonstrates its cutting precision of textiles, especially for sportswear.


Kornit Digital (NASDAQ:KRNT) develops, manufactures and markets industrial digital printing technologies for the garment, apparel and textile industries. Leading the digital textile printing industry through its revolutionary NeoPigment™ process, including an integrated pretreatment solution, we cater directly to the needs of both designers and manufacturers to address the changing needs of the entire textile printing value chain. Kornit’s innovative printing technology enables businesses to succeed in web-to-print, on-demand and mass customization concepts. We offer a complete line of direct-to-garment printing solutions that range from commercial to mass production level. We have also revolutionized the Direct-to-Fabric (roll-to-roll) textile printing industry: digital printing with a single ink set onto multiple types of fabric with no additional finishing processes.


All Neutral® products are manufactured and certified according to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards in the world. Defined and monitored by independent organizations, they guarantee that every single Neutral® product is made with true regard for people and planet all the way from cotton field to final product.


Chiossi e Cavazzuti was founded in 1979 as a producer of dryers ( paper, glass, PVC sheets and textile) and it soon branched out into all that concerns the printing industry.

In addition to theline of Dryers meant for the screen printing sector, a new line was introduced : the result was the innovative “Speedy T”, a machine capable of folding and packing clothing items in bags with considerable savings in terms of time and money.

In 2007 the Company moved to Correggio, to a new industrial building to support the always growing logistic and production requirements. After 40 years of activity, the Company maintains close contact with those whose activities revolve around Chiossi e Cavazzuti’s machines and handles the After-sales Service directly to follow and satisfy the technical and production requirements of the present and the future.


Everything began with a simple hand punch, which was used to punch out numbers and letters to label sportswear. The small punching shop enjoyed rapid growth and developed fast into one of the largest felt press shops in the USA. To simplify the application of punched numbers and letters to sportswear, the company began to experiment with adhesives. STAHLS’ innovative spirit paid off. The resulting heat-sealing adhesive was patented and still forms the basis for many materials today. Encouraged by the success in their own country, they decided to market the products worldwide. Among subsidiaries in Canada and Australia, STAHLS’ Europe GmbH, based in Dillingen/Saar, was established. With the foundation of Hotronix® a third Milestone was set. The idea was to design a machine especially for the needs of heat textile printing. Today STAHLS’ heat presses and printing materials are well-known and trusted in the textile printing industry. The product line fits a wide variety of the business needs and is designed to meet the company's purpose, to set their customers up for success.


Gemini CAD Systems is a leading global supplier of technology for fashion and apparel. Main activities include research, development and implementation of software, hardware and workflow solutions with focus on computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). With over 16.000 installations, Gemini`s advanced technologies automate the manufacturing process from design to cutting for customers in more than 60 countries, providing reliable services and technical support throughout all production stages.


Klieverik Heli BV is a dynamic company, focused on rotary thermo-processing equipment for advanced textiles. With more than 40 years of experience we design, manufacture, install and maintain innovative industrial machinery. We manufacture stand-alone equipment and complete product lines. Our highly versatile machinery provides added value and improves the efficiency of textile printing and finishing operations.


Operating since 2005 with over 50 years’ experience in the paper industry, as Canapa Paper Technologies, we have been producing sublimation transfer paper since 2012 for textile industry and continue to consolidate our position in domestic and international markets. Producing “smart sublimation papers” for sublimation print producers, we offer the greatest opportunity with less ink consumption, higher quality and long-term cost savings solutions, which are great advantages for print producers. 


Premier Digital Textiles is Europe’s leading supplier of digital ready fabrics. We have been at the forefront of the digital development and the innovation of digital textiles for over the past 15 years. This has allowed us to grow our customer base to a global market that we are delivering to and servicing on a daily basis. Our parent company, Premier Textiles ltd, was founded in 1981 as an independent family run business based in Manchester, UK. With headquarters in Manchester, England, we are centrally placed in the world’s first industrial city, and historic home of English fabric manufacture and innovation.

Premier Digital Textiles fabrics feature in many peoples lives in unexpected ways. We supply customers globally, reaching a myriad of industries, who incorporate our textiles in incredibly diverse ways.


Twine Solutions was founded in 2015 in Israel, with seasoned multi-discipline professionals emerging from the digital printing and textile industry. Twine is an award-winning technology company that has developed a proprietary and revolutionary digital thread dyeing system, and a digital dye to match mobile application. Twine’s system continuously dyes a single raw or off-the-shelf (white) thread to any requested length and in any color, with a choice of millions of colors, shades, as well as color gradients. Twine’s DST (Digital Selective Treatment) disruptive technology eliminates the need for colored thread stock, dramatically reduces logistics, dead stock and other waste costs, as well as dramatically reducing time to market.


AVA CAD/CAM has been providing specialist design & colour software, support, training and technical consultancy services to the decorative printing industry for more than 35 years. Areas of particular focus for AVA include printed textiles for home furnishing,  fashion and apparel,  wall coverings and  floor coverings plus more. 

AVA’s core expertise lies in the management of colour in complex designs from initial conception on a computer monitor anywhere in the world, through a (usually digitally printed) sampling process, to either (or both) conventionally or digitally printed bulk production. In order to achieve this, AVA offers a proprietary industry leading suite of integrated specialist software modules to cater for the entire workflow from initial design and repeating, through colour separation and recolouring to digital printing and conventionally printed production.


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Virtual Art Developers offers a series of innovative Web to Print & e-Commerce applications focused on the Online Product Customization: PHOTO CENTER 3D. It allows design and sale customized products, promotional garments, decoration, art and framing, compatible with any online store and valid for all kind of production systems (Direct to Garment, Sublimation, Embroidery, Plotter Cut, UV LED, and more!).


Pattern Room is a world-first online catalogue of 100,000+ clothing patterns focusing on core sportswear styles for industry. 

The patterns are developed by our team of highly skilled pattern makers in Melbourne, Australia. Once drafted, our inhouse team of sample machinist allow us to test the patterns to ensure they are perfected and industry ready. Our catalogue provides commercial file formats (DXF and Adobe Illustrator®), with options for hard copy patterns and samples, if required.

Pattern Room is designed to help you reduce development costs and time perfecting patterns. Fitted for the western body shape, our patterns provide consistency of fit across all styles and a reassurance that the fit will remain consistent for years to come.


ASPE Inc is a machine manufacturer based out of beautiful Southern California! Their flagship product is The RapidTag Machine. 

Manufacturing of the RapidTag machine started in 2010 and has since been sold and installed in over 70 different countries!

The RapidTag is a small automatic screen printing machine originally designed for printing tagless labels for the garment industry. RapidTag soon found its way into printing on promotional products, everything from buffing sponges to bags and socks to gloves.



Dekken company was created in 2011 by Philippe Vasbinder a specialist in Textile folding technology with 30 years of experience. The main target of Dekken is to bring on the market a powerful but simple to use and reliable range of folding & packing equipment. The first step was the introduction of the T-Apparel (today the 3rd generation) and now followed by sustainable packing solutions .

During Fespa Madrid 2020 we will launch beside the new T-Apparel MARK III (third generation) two new Packing Equipment. The first is called T-MATIC-5020 and is a fully automatic continuous bagger and the second is the TS-MATIC-4010 a semi-automatic drop bagger with direct print-on-the-bag features for small to large e-commerce.