H B Fuller

H B Fuller

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As a part of the H.B. Fuller Family, Royal Adhesives & Sealants Canada Ltd (previously Chemque Inc) is the worldwide leading provider of doming and other specialty graphics solutions. With over 40 years of expertise and a sophisticated research and development structure, Royal develops and manufactures its own high performance polyurethane doming resins, advanced dispensing machines, compact manufacturing lines and curing equipment. Royal offers a full line of doming, including RoHS compliant, mercury-free automotive OEM as well as our E-DOME™ instant curing or instant gelling formulas. At Fespa 2019, H.B. Fuller will be demonstrating our Q-GEAR™ compact manufacturing line which will be dispensing our truly mercury-free, E-DOME™ Resin.


266 Humberline Drive
M9W 5X1


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  • Our popular MERCURY FREE E-Dome™ resin has been developed into a versatile series with varying degrees of durometer to suit every application. With all of our E-Dome™ resins you will enjoy a fast gel ...
  • Q-Gear 3400™

    30 Jan 2020
    Experience the uniform mixing, short cycle times and simplified design of this user friendly XYZ dispensing machine. Exclusive Path Designer™ proprietary software makes this machine fast and easy to u ...
  • E-Dome™ 3200

    30 Jan 2020
    The E-Dome™ 3200 is specially designed for ultra high speed production. E-Dome™ 3200 does not require purging or solvent cleaning and can be run by a single operator. Its modern dispensing head with o ...
  • Q-Gear™ 2350

    30 Jan 2020
    This machine does everything that much larger dispensers do but has a much smaller footprint and requires a small working area. It has a fast and simple set-up, and offers high productivity. The stati ...
  • Q-Gear 2100™ is an advanced and affordable manual X-motion dispensing machine, specifically designed to work with Chem-Dec™ and E-Dome™ 2-component, polyurethane doming resins. Q-Gear™  2100 is ideal ...
  • Q-Oven 1000

    30 Jan 2020
    Radiant Heat Conveyor Oven features: simple low maintenance design, low power consumption, and no moving air; eliminating the chance of contamination. The Q-Oven 1000 can be extended to match your pro ...
  • Takflat™

    30 Jan 2020
    Takflat™ is an innovative solution for holding label sheets flat while dispensing doming resins. With an advanced yellow material that stays tacky, Takflat™ sturdy composite boards effectively replace ...
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