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FESPA 2021

19 Apr 2021

INKJET head maintenance system

Personas y Tecnología S.L Hall: 5 Stand: 5-N105

With CRIBHEADS you can work in three different areas:

– As an aid to cleaning, in collaboration with CLEANJECTOR. 

CRIBHEADS performs a prewash of the heads intended to be cleaned with CLEANJECTOR. In this way, the cleaning process is accelerated and in some specific symptoms, such as micro scratching, better final results are obtained.

– As a maintenance area for the heads used with water-based ink, while they are not being used. If you have a printer that uses water-based inks, CRIBHEADS will save you thousands of euros in printheads and will also avoid long production stops, caused by dry ink in the printheads.

– For manufacturers of digital printing machines, as an intermediate storage area for the heads used to test production machines.

CRIBHEADS takes care of your heads in a delicate and safe way, and guarantees you have them ready for use at any time, when you need them.

Key points of CRIBHEADS

– CRIBHEADS works with the main manufacturers of industrial INKJET printheads: SEIKO, XAAR, DIMATIX, TOSHIBA, KONICA MINOLTA, RICOH, KYOCERA, DURST, EPSON…

– You can mix different brands and models of printheads within CRIBHEADS.

– CRIBHEADS can work with two liquid maintenance products at the same time. The printhead area is divided into two zones, allowing you to have, for example, one liquid zone for UV ink and the other zone for water-based ink.

– Possibility of configuring up to eight work modes and combining them between them. In each work mode you can define:

  • Duration
  • Direction of rotation
  • Speed
  • Start / stop ramp
  • Temperature

– Extremely easy maintenance fluid change. Just open the tap, allow the entire tray to empty, wipe it clean with a cloth, and you’re ready to put on a new cleaning liquid.

– Possibility of connecting up to two vapor extraction tubes if you need it.

– WITHOUT MAINTENANCE, no maintenance is necessary.

– SELF-INSTALLABLE, you can install and start CRIBHEADS yourself, with the help of the manual in 3D video format.

– Extremely easy use. Graphical and intuitive interface that eliminates the need for languages.

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