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31 May – 3 June 2022

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31 May 2022

X – Next generation milling machine

Vhf Camfacture AG Hall: 5.2 Stand: 5.2-B61
  • X – Next generation milling machine
  • X – Next generation milling machine
  • X – Next generation milling machine
X – Next generation milling machine X – Next generation milling machine X – Next generation milling machine

The most innovative CNC milling machine from vhf. On a table area of 2 x 3 m, the machine offers innovative technology Made in Germany, and intuitive ease of operation. As an absolute all-rounder it can do a lot more than just milling. With the optional XtraUnit fitted, it is also the perfect machine for cutting and creasing.


  • Milling and cutting redefined

The X is a completely new development and the start of a new era. Experience the impressive bandwidth of the machine in the video and convince yourself of the numerous features that make plate processing even more effective.

  • Ultimate stability for perfect results

Xstructure: High-tensile aluminum sections deliver extreme rigidity and are filled with the latest technology. Compared with other types of construction, the internal X-shaped honeycomb structure offers maximal resilience at much lower weight. In combination with the machine’s low-vibration cast components this enables the X to run so smoothly. Thought out down to the last detail, in a quality that accepts no compromises – the X.

  • Work on almost any material

Xhead: Its powerful 5.8 kW peak output, spinning at up to 40,000 revolutions per minute, makes short work of any material. The X machines panels dependably in many different materials, including aluminum, plastics, wood and stainless steel. On request, an optionally integrable XtraUnit with switchable lance oscillation can process soft materials. V-cut, kiss-cut and creases are also available without difficulty. And all without having to retool!

  • Intelligent fastening for a firm grip

Xvac: Eight vacuum suction units are integrated into the table and monitored by sensors to provide an impressive 1,325 m³ of volume flow for maximum grip. They ensure your panels are securely fastened to the 2 x 3 m table for machining. At the same time the brushless, durable suction units only use as much energy as needed and are surprisingly quiet.

x/y positioning range: 2,045 x 3,050 mm

  • Safety without limits

Xscan: The laser safety scanner offers maximum protection without compromising handling. Cutting-edge safety technology, with no distracting light barriers, safety mats or enclosures to disrupt your workflows.

  • Position work pieces conveniently

It has never been easier to align your workpieces: the X is equipped with several pneumatic stops that can be set individually to position your workpieces simply and precisely.

  • Easy, fast retooling

Xtool: Up to 24 tools can be switched in and out as desired. The ability to flexibly and quickly change all HSK-25 milling, cutting and creasing tools is incredibly convenient, time-saving and does not require any manual user intervention.

  • Maximum precision thanks to integrated camera

Xmeasure: The integrated camera makes it possible to move to the workpiece’s zero point conveniently and accurately. Optionally, you can equip your X with automatic register mark recognition for printed workpieces, so that the contour is milled or cut exactly along the print.


  • Maximum power thanks to innovative drive units

TripleXdrive: The innovative drive concept pools the power of three motors per axis, not only increasing the machining speed, but also offering additional accuracy. You will see the result in your workpieces!

  • Automatic waste removal for a clean finish

With its fully integrated waste removal concept, the X always ensures a clean finish. It adjusts to the ideal height for different workpieces fully automatically.

  • Simple machining within thickness tolerances

The electronic workpiece leveling system gives you perfect engraving and chamfering across the entire machining area, even with material thickness tolerances.

  • Easy metal machining

The minimum quantity lubrication makes it easy to machine metals. And thanks to intelligent integration you can even remove waste and cool at the same time.

  • Intuitive control via tablet

Simple operations via a tablet computer, with a clear user interface, let you control your machine quickly and intuitively. Take full advantage of the technical possibilities offered by the X – it’s easy!


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