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14 Feb 2022

KTK Fusion Light

KTK Lda. Hall: 27 Stand: 27-D40
  • KTK Fusion Light
  • KTK Fusion Light
  • KTK Fusion Light
KTK Fusion Light KTK Fusion Light KTK Fusion Light

The third generation of the KTK hybrid digital printing line, the KTK Fusion Light, is the ideal model for reinventing the way the screen printing technician faces the world of digital printing.

Built with the screenprinting technician’s needs of taking advantage of the space available in mind, the KTK Fusion Light can be coupled up with not only oval machines but also round machines. In case it is set up with round machines, the KTK Fusion Light needs to have 3 free pallets in a row in order to have space to perfectly perform its function.

In addition to offering an economical and reliable digital print, the KTK Fusion Light is made in proven KTK quality. This digital printing module, in addition to working in perfect sync with an automatic screen printing machine, allows you to print an area of ​​700 mm x 500 mm, and adapts easily to any type of textile surface. With a Z-axis, which can be easily adjusted to remain up to 25 mm away from the piezo, it is possible to adapt the KTK Fusion Light to the thickness of the most varied textile printing surfaces.

With the KTK Fusion Light, the user can achieve the definition and bright colours typical of digital printing, but also the level of productivity of an automatic screen printing machine.

This digital printing module prints up to 6 colours, which combined can result in an infinite variety of possibilities. The colours used are CMYK + GR colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, green and red), which allows a consistent and homogeneous impression, in terms of tone, for each colour available.

The KTK Fusion Light allows you to print around 210 pieces per hour, with an A4 size print. One has to be sold in a machine of smaller dimensions and with only 6 print heads.

A feature that should be highlighted in the KTK Fusion Light is the impression that the Fujifilm Dimatix model’s print heads, which allow them to be easily repaired. This is an extremely important factor in any industrial context. This feature, together with the possibility of ink recirculation, extends to a large extent the useful life of the print heads of this digital module.

To complement this digital printing module, KTK creates its own consumable line and uses the RIP software “Neostampa powered by Inèdit”, to help the user achieve the highest level of performance and the best possible results.

The combination of the KTK Fusion Light with an automatic screen printing machine allows the user to obtain a final result with precision and really impressive colour homogeneity. With the possibility of combining digital printing and conventional silk-screen printing, with a wide range of special printing effects, such as bright, foil, flocked, etc., the number of possibilities becomes infinite.

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