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31 May – 3 June 2022

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15 Mar 2022

JustLaser Large

JustLaser GmbH Hall: 5.2 Stand: 5.2-A15
  • JustLaser Large
  • JustLaser Large
  • JustLaser Large
JustLaser Large JustLaser Large JustLaser Large

With a speed of up to 3.8 meters per second, we have the quickest laser cutting machine for engraving large areas on the market (from a working area of 1320 x 1270 mm). This means that you can achieve a better output at the highest standards of quality – the cutting and engraving quality sets unparalleled standards.

The Z12 option makes it possible to put workpieces with a height of up to 30 cm under the laser cutter, such as large stone workpieces.

Each JustLaser Large Laser Cutter comes with a super-pulsed laser tube. This means more output for your applications because super-pulsed means that the laser tubes provide much more than the purchased output in individual peaks. A 650W laser tube can supply more than 2,000W (2.0kW) of peak power for a brief period. This means a super-pulsed laser tube can, for example, help produce less browning on cut edges as the high peak performance means the material in the cutting gap evaporates faster and the short interaction duration inhibits heat conduction. The power is directed into a smaller, defined volume, which in turn means that the cutting groove is reduced.


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