Fespa Global Print Expo

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31 May – 3 June 2022

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15 May 2022

GTC 101-3500 calender

Klieverik Heli BV Hall: 1.2 Stand: 1.2-B50

The machine is optimized for ease of operation. The position of the textile and papers rolls are well accessible. Tension control for the papers is set by air pressu-re. Winding of the textile is done on a low tension contact winder, which provides uniformity from the first to the last meter and makes it suitable for all kind of PES textiles. This winder also allows a swift removal of the printed roll without the need for exchanging a shaft! 
 A touch screen operating panel displays the settings, stores recipes, has a cooling down and programmable start-up-timer, fault indications, but also a very convenient infeed modus; the operator has 3 large control buttons for low-high speed and reverse at the tip of his finger!
It is a typical Klieverik; robust design offering a long life time at low operating cost, the best oil-based heating system for very high temperature consistency and an ingenious belt tracking system for first time right production.

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