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31 May – 3 June 2022

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09 May 2022

Arista R2

ARISTA INK TECHNOLOGIES Hall: 4.2 Stand: 4.2-B26

The use of UV inks of this series in your equipment’s printing system will provide the minimum flow in the class and, as a result, will cut print costs.

High hiding power and color density means a high quality print process in fewer passes that provide the ability to increase productivity of equipment without additional costs. Active binders and plasticizers provide the excellent adhesion on rigid and roll materials and unlike most of inks with similar characteristics, the additives that are used in ARISTA R2 UV inks do not have a residual odor on the material. There are not used "volatile" additives and solvents in composition of ARISTA UV inks while the ultra-low viscosity of ARISTA UV inks allows high-quality droplet formation, producing clear dots with minimal stress on the piezoelectric element of the print head. These parameters greatly extend the lifespan of crystal and nozzle mesh of printed heads. ARISTA R2 series of UV inks are fully compatible with constant (7 to 80 pl) drop of print heads.


Suitable for any type of equipment that is provided with print heads:

Konica Minolta КМ 1024, КМ 1024i, KM 1600, Ricoh Gen 4, Gen 5 (MH5420, MH5440), Gen 6 (MH5320, MH5340), Fuji Samba, StarFire, Sapphire, Seiko SPT 510/ 1020, Spectra 128 / 256, Toshiba CA4W/CE4/CE8. These inks are characterized by increased elasticity and flexibility.

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