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GPE 24

06 Apr 2023

Our perspective: maximizing efficiency and reducing waste in the commercial print industry


Our perspective: maximizing efficiency and reducing waste in the commercial print industry  

In today's competitive marketplace, anyone in the commercial print industry faces numerous challenges — maintaining productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability all come to mind. One way to overcome these complex challenges is to implement design software that fits the needs of today, and tomorrow.  

A less-than-ideal software solution may result in downsides like slower production times, excess materials or erroneous prints being thrown out, otherwise reduced outputs, and ultimately lower profitability for an organization.  

However, these challenges are hardly insurmountable. From our perspective, printers and commercial printing companies should leverage the latest design software, like our own CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite, to maximize efficiency and reduce waste.  

This solution offers specific ways your organization can streamline your production processes, simplify your design workflows, and automate repetitive tasks. By doing so, your print business can improve output and increase profitability while reducing its environmental footprint. 

Automation results in enhanced efficiency  


One of the biggest trends in the commercial printing industry is implementing automation whenever possible. Accordingly, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers the ability to automate many tasks, making your workflow significantly more efficient and sustainable. For example, you can automatically generate layouts, adjust color and font settings, and resize images to fit specific print formats with the click of a few buttons.   

By generating test products, you can visualize various designs and layouts before finalizing, minimizing the risk of errors and reducing the need for reprints. By automating these tasks, print professionals can save time and reduce the risk of human error, which can often lead to materials being discarded. 

Streamlined production processes decreases waste (and costs)  


Streamlining design and production processes is key to efficient and sustainable commercial printing. For example, design tools built-in workflows help to automate every step of the process from client on-boarding to final approval, making it possible to produce high-quality printed pieces efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Seamless virtual collaboration across distributed teams and dispersed stakeholders is essential for efficiency as well. Projects can be completed faster, and review cycles can be shortened with intuitive tools like, which enables designers to create, share, and receive feedback on their designs from any place, at any time, with any device.  

This mobile app allows clients and stakeholders to review and leave real-time feedback on design projects while they are in progress, speeding up project timelines and improving overall efficiency.   

Additionally, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite can integrate with other production software, such as prepress and print management systems, to further streamline the production process.  

Simplified design workflows  


The right workflow can result in maximum efficiency for your organization —but you need the right solutions in place to get there! You can simplify your design workflow using a complete software solution that encompasses the end-to-end design process and offers built-in collaboration tools, automation capabilities, and compatibility with multiple platforms, devices, and file types.   When workflows are simplified, printing mistakes occur less often, resulting in less wasted materials and time. 

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite’s built-in templates allow your team to quickly launch and complete design projects of all types. With these templates, design teams simplify and standardize their workflows, increasing productivity and reducing the time and effort required to produce high-quality prints. This standardization reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies, ultimately improving the quality of prints and reducing the need for reprints. 

Efficient tools and enhancements boost productivity  


Productivity-boosting enhancements, such as frequently used features, customizable toolbars, and an accelerated image enhancements workflow, bring your favorite design tools directly to your fingertips for greater control and better results.  

Some of the benefits offered by CorelDRAW Graphics Suite include: 

  • Virtual collaboration and the ability to leave real-time feedback, even while on the go!  

  • Optimized learning experiences based on your needs and goals 

  • Built-in templates, Pantone Color Palettes, and more!  

  • Budget-friendly, cost-effective subscription models 

Our perspective on the present state and future of commercial printing 


Overcoming the common challenges of modern print production processes can be complex. With environmental sustainability on the minds of most businesses, it’s more important than ever to utilize cost-effective and efficient solutions to stay efficient and reduce your environmental footprint.  

Our fully loaded graphic design toolkit is designed with the needs of today’s print production shops in mind. It often empowers teams to deliver better results more precisely and efficiently, all while producing less waste.  

What’s more, the budget-friendly, cost-effective subscription model enables your team to enjoy exclusive features, content, enhancements, and support for the latest technologies. With a subscription, your organization gets immediate access to the latest releases that include productivity-boosting asset management, collaboration, image adjustment workflows, additional fonts, creative templates, and more.      

Overall, our perspective can be summed up fairly simply — by embracing new technologies like automation and tools that streamline workflows, your commercial print organization can overcome productivity challenges, maximize efficiency, and reduce waste. With the right tools and approach, we believe that print-centric businesses can thrive in an ever-changing landscape and stay ahead of the competition.  

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