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Exhibitor FAQ

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Exhibitor FAQ

Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions 

Please see below a range of topics which cover all the information you as an exhibitor require in preparing for the show. 

Should you require support for something that is not covered below please see the contact us now section to find the team who is best suited to help you

Webinar presentations here

Swapcard Training Video

Exhibitor Workshop 




Where can I buy scanning licences? In the exhibitor centre under lead scanning.

As an exhibitor you receive 1 for free. 1 licence can only be used by one user at a time, you can assign who has scanning rights in "Your Team" but using the pencil con - Click here

Lead Scan




You register your badge via the Exhibitor Registration Management - a confirmation email will be sent along with a log in email from Swapcard to the APP.

Please note: Unlike previous years you will not recieve a PDF badge, Registration is open from Monday 22 May to collect printed badges



After you have been assigned a licence buy your primary contact, scan a colleague or business card to get started. Add your companies predefined tags and onces they are set up. This data will be there for the duration of the time you have a profile in the app

Watch this video for a tutorial. 



Share your promo codes and links available in the portal - Do not register them yourself. 

Links: Your personal ones are in the Review section of the portal. 

Main exhibitor link:

Promo codes: You can find these in both the Review and Exhibitor Registration Management Section 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Exhibitor Portal

Exhibitor Portal Link: 

You will be sent an email from FESPA

Login Email:

Password: On your first visit, enter the above email and you will be prompted for a password, click underneath the password box on “Create or Reset your password”.
This will allow you to create your own password to access the system.

If you are the primary contact and you have not received an email please email

Step 1. Add in your email and create a password 

Create password

Step 2. Add all your company information - this will be pushed into Swapcard

Step 2

Step 3. Make sure you can access the below tasks and see you promo codes for registration and staff. See registration drop down for more information

 Step 2

Step 4.  To access step no.5  Exhibitor Registration Management

Please click the blue highlight text at the top 

Step 4

Registration Information 

To access you registration links and codes scroll down on the REVIEW highlight text at the top of the page.

Click the promo code for the link - promo codes are not pre populate so please ensure your customer is also sent the code. 

Step 7

Visitor Registration 

Your codes as exhibitors are valid until the end of the show. Information on dates and prices can be found in the manual. 

Important information for you customers.

All prices in the below section are show before VAT is added - even with a free promo code the price will still show in this section. Don't worry the promo code is still working and valid. 

In this section they have the choice to select other features and options at FESPA Munich but their promo code will only deduct the cost of registration.

Registration Choice

Once they have clicked next they will be able to scroll down and see where the discount has been added to their registration 

Pic 8


Each exhibitor is entilted to a certain number of VIP's click here to see the benefits - VIP

Staff Booth Registration 

Once you as the main primary contact has created your exhibitor profile you can add staff members to the profile by clicking on Exhibitor Registration Management, at the top of the page scroll to Exhibitor Free booth staff, and click on the right-hand side to add New Registration. 

Online GES Manual 

To access the online manual login in click here 

The online manual is where you will find all your check lists for logistics and marketing. 

Operations Check List

Checklist / Order Forms
The table below shows a number of tasks. The sort order can be changed by clicking on the column header. You are able to change the status as tasks are completed by selecting an alternative status from the drop down list.

On the task detail page you can make your own notes about each task, which will be held for the next time you visit the task. Late or on-site orders will incur surcharges for some services and choice of items such as furniture, floral etc may be limited.

Please remember to keep your task list up-to-date. If you print a form, complete it and fax or e-mail it to the contractor. You may click on the Status and amend it from "Not Done" to "Complete".

Please remember to complete your compulsory tasks.
Forms are able to be completed by your subcontractor should you wish, to do this please click the icon to the right and following the instructions below 

Please ensure Pop-Ups are allowed within your browser and follow the below steps: 

  • In the Pop-Up window click the “here” link
  • Complete the form in its entirety, selecting the tick boxes of the forms you would like the to subcontractor to complete
  • Once saved, you will need to click the safe icon with an arrow – this will send login credentials to the contractor enabling them access to complete forms.

Marketing Task List 

In here you can find all the information you need to access the following. Information is update daily so please keep an eye out for updates. 

FESPA Exhibitor Online Workshop Day
Marketing Materials

Marketing Toolkit
Show Guide
PR, Press Office and Press Conferences

Promote Your Brand Further

FESPA Features
FESPA Sponsorship
FESPA Online
Official FESPA Printed Publications

Exhibitor Portal

Exhibitor Badges
Registration Links

Co-Exhibitor Request Form

Swapcard Event & App 

You can enter the online event here :

You can download the app here :

Important Information: 

When you register your staff within the Exhibitor Portal, this creates their entry badge. In order to add staff to your online booth within SwapCard, they must be manually added by you.

Booth Staff members will be a few staff members who can edit your profile, book and accept meetings with visitors and answer any visitor queries. It is not recommended to have all your onsite staff here, you only want key members of your team here.

All tasks in the Marketing Manual in the Exhibitor Portal relate to the online booth and app. 

Editing your Booth 

Once you have entered the exhibitor booth online

There is a dropdown tab under the circular icon in the top right had corner: Select the exhibitor centre

Exhib Centre

Once in there you can select ‘Your team’ which will allow the staff you wish to, make edits and access leads from the booth.

adding team members

Click here for the Swapcard Exhibitor Guide

Exhibitor Badges 

Exhibitor Badges

Once the main primary contact has created your exhibitor profile you can add staff members to the profile by clicking on Exhibitor Registration Management, at the top of the page scroll to Exhibitor Free booth staff, and click on the right-hand side to add New Registration.

Free booth staff

If you would like to bulk add employees please email

All registered staff will receive a confirmation email.  Download the FESPA APP to access badges - if you cannot see you badge on the app yet or are unable to log in, please be patient this will be live soon. 

Please note that all badges are available to print on-site. 

Lead Scanning 


Lead scanning information can be found here

Scan Licences

Each exhibitor booth is entitled to 1 licence per booth – this can be access via the FESPA app on any smart device.

Extra Licenses are at a charge of 150 Euro – these can be purchased via the exhibitor portal.

You can locate where your licences are within your online booth - screen shot below 
Exhibitor Centre

Show Guide & Stand-by-Stand Guide

Show Guide

Your BASIC catalogue entry includes your company detail and basic product category listings. With an opportunity to enhance your entry by including your company logo along with extended catalogue information for a small fee.  Find out more

Basic entry covers 

- Company information

- basic product cateogary 

- Stand number


Deadline to complete 24.03,23

This information is shared with all press prior to the show. 

Who to contact 

Platinum Sponsor


Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsor