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GPE 24


Join us in promoting a better reuse value for your printed samples       

Every year at our exhibitions we find leftover sample materials that are wasted.

We understand the need for suppliers to show examples of their specific print technologies and materials, allowing visitors and buyers to view them and take away to show colleagues or customers.

Often these are visuals of cars, parrots, or beach settings which may look fabulous but after their initial use, they are destroyed or unused causing an increase in waste as their reuse value is zero.

Exhibitors need a unique way to showcase their materials, print technologies and new developments such as new foils, glitter, neon coating and raised surfaces.

But, this needs to be in a way that has re-use value!

Current examples 

23image 23

New for 2024 we are introducing the World Map Initiative!

We are excited to present this opportunity that aligns with both our goals at FESPA:

Improving our sustainability and engaging young people with print.

We reach out to our exhibitors to collaborate on this project together, not only does it allow you to showcase your latest technology systems but also promotes environmental sustainability and education.

The world map has universal educational value, we propose that each printed map will be given a second life and re-homed. Once visitors have used this sample for work purposes, please distribute your printed world maps to people who can benefit from them, eg. schools, colleges, libraries etc.

By doing this, we will implant a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the print industry in the younger generation whilst promoting geographical knowledge awareness and ultimately improving age diversity in our industry.


For our Exhibitors

This is a powerful opportunity to showcase not only your latest development samples but also that you are collaboratively thinking forward with a sustainable mindset.

As a valued collaborator, you will be recognised as an agent for positive change, actively promoting sustainability and education in the community.

We will ensure footfall is driven to your stand with this initiative by highlighting each participating exhibitor at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2024. Exhibitors’ world map samples can also be displayed in our Sustainability Spotlight.



We propose that all world maps include the following details:

  • FESPA logo
  • Your Company logo
  • Machine details EG. HP Latex R2000 plus printer with white & clear overprint
  • Hashtag #PrintDiscovered

A political world map must include some of the following: countries, bodies of water, mountain regions, physical or symbolic features or public transport.

Examples of political world maps:

Map 2
Map 3

Sign up to participate in the World Map Initiative: