Fespa Global Print Expo

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31 May – 3 June 2022

Exhibitor Videos


  • Company introduction

    24 Mär 2022
  • HTA2500 Robo

    01 Jan 2022
    UV Hybrid Printer Maximum productivity: 312㎡/h Maximum resolution: 363X3600dpi Print-head: Kyocera
  • Available flatbed models HT2512UV HT3116UV HT3020uv Available hybrid and roll to roll models HT3200Uv (Hybrid) HT500OuV RTR(Roll To Roll)  
  • Contra Vision® are proud to be the only company which specializes in one-way vision graphics and have established an unrivalled range of printable window films to suit any application. That is why we’ ...
  • When it’s dark outside, conventional one-way vision see-through graphics produced using white on black perforated window film fade to invisibility when interior lighting overpowers the image or there ...
  • Edge Decor Tool System

    23 Mär 2022 Jordi Graells
    See the Edge Decor Tool System in action!
  • What does it mean being a reference point brand in the world of visual communication? Find the answers to these questions and discover more about Ritrama by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives in this video...


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